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Modern Restaurant Furniture


Furniture has gone through many a transformation throughout time. It has changed its design based on people's perception and needs, and very much by what was accepted at that time. In the 1900's, the furniture industry has broken out of its mold and reshaped what it was all about. It departed from the dark or gilded carved wood and richly patterned fabrics, and gave way to glittering simplicity or highly sophisticated cuts and geometry of polished metal. The forms of furniture evolved from visually heavy and dull to visually light and airy. Before modernism, the length of time a piece took to create was often a measure of its value and desirability. During the 20th century, a new philosophy emerged, shifting the emphasis to function and accessibility. The modern movement sought newness, originality, and technical innovation. And ultimately the message that it conveyed spoke of the present and the future. Iconic pieces such as the Marcel Breuer's Wassily Chair, Eileen Gray side table, Barcelona chair, and Noguchi coffee table have reshaped the furniture of today.

Each and every restaurant, bar, or hotel owner share the same dream of creating a place that will be attractive and ultimately bring much success. We can help you make that dream come true. We have established an ideology of providing exclusive styles in modern contemporary furniture. If you are furnishing a modern restaurant furniture, swank martini lounge, or upscale hotel lobby and bar, look no further than the amazing collection of modern furniture at Moda Seating. We are proud to have a dynamic product line, which continues to expand and provide the best in value, quality, functionality and innovation. We have an array of products to suit your every need from restaurant chairs and barstools to table tops and bases. You will find well-designed stylish options that not only are competitively priced, but stocked and available, as well. Check out our upholstery options of vinyl and fabrics, as well as the many different wood seat options available for your own definition of style and perfection. We feature a terrific selection of contemporary designer chairs that can be used for restaurant dining, bar seating and lounges so your patrons experience the ultimate in comfort.

For upscale clubs and swank bars, consider chairs such as our fashionable con side chair or modern baroque upholstered dining chair. The high weight capacity and the commercial grade quality make these chairs ideal for restaurants and bars. The modern design and contemporary style of the chairs are perfect for restaurants that feature modern cuisines or lounges that cater to a hip pop crowd.

Just as exotic and equally comfortable is our Caffe Wood Chair, that combines traditional comfort with forever in style design to create and out of this world restaurant chair your patrons will love. Ideal for cafes and lounges that want an exotic look.

If you want the modern look, but don't want to be too avant garde consider our All Time Metal Chair that offers a careful blend of contemporary design with traditional materials for a sturdy and stylish dining chair.

Whatever it is that you are looking for, Moda Seating is sure to have it. Our dedicated staff of customer service representatives are eager to assist you. We are ready to share our expertise and help you make these very important choices. Make us your one-stop shop for a wide range of high-quality, customizable awesome restaurant seating products. Inquire about quick shipping. We are sure you will be pleased by your shopping experience and forever enjoy the pleasure out products will give you.

Modern furniture is our signature.

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