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Cafeteria Furniture


Wherever food is served you need to focus on ambience and efficiency. Therefore, cafeteria furniture must meet a wide range of functions. The atmosphere created is essential to success. Cafeterias have no advantage of the laid back style a coffee house features. Cafeterias never know down time. Commercial food courts require durable and well-crafted furniture to handle the heavy traffic and excitement these eating places attract. If you manage or operate a cafeteria or food court in a mall, hospital or other crowded commercial eatery, you will need dependable furnishing to maintain a comfortable and appealing dining experience. We carry a super selection of cafeteria chairs, tables and bar stools in great traditional, classic and contemporary designs to outfit your entire commercial cafeteria. Cafeterias in shopping malls, schools and museums have a steady-stream of customers throughout the day and night and if you want yours to be successful, consider equipping your dining and lounge areas with high quality commercial furniture. Unlike restaurants and bars that have rush hours and off-peak times, cafetes pretty much run around the clock. Because of this mode of operation, the commercial furniture in a cafeteria needs to be super durable to be able to handle the non-stop traffic and use. You need to keep utility and versatility in mind when planning a cafe or food court. These eateries are known for quick service and fast dining so don’t be too concerned with plush and sophisticated furnishings that won’t make it through a week of heavy use. A great option for cafe chairs, tables, and bar stools are durable and easy to maintain metal, solid wood or aluminum furniture. Aluminum stacking chairs are a great option since the durable frames will stand up to heavy use and the stacking feature lets you quickly move many chairs at a time for cleaning and storage. Aluminum chairs will look great for your outdoor patio as well. Café metal bar stools and metal contour bar stools are sturdy, easy to maintain and lightweight which makes each a perfect choice for a high traffic food court or cafeteria.

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