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Church Furniture


Our goal is to adorn your place of worship with beautiful and comfortable church furniture and furnishing products to create just the effect you have in mind. We have everything you need to furnish an entire church from chapel, to meeting room, to preschool and beyond. We offer a broad selection of church furniture so that you can comfortably host a number of church and community related events including pageants, town meetings, bake sales, and AA meetings.

Church chairs are an important investment because they determine how comfortable your congregants will be throughout the service. You can choose from our wide selection of stack chairs with the perfect combination of style, comfort, and support. A variety of upholstery options enables you to find the perfect combination to satisfy your needs.

Your congregants will feel pampered and cherished when you welcome them into a sanctuary that exudes dignity and sophistication. When choosing your furniture, you want to make sure that you are enhancing the spiritual experience of your members. Pleasing colors and inspiring tones will frame clergy members in an appropriate and respectful light. You can coordinate your furniture to match your communion tables, pulpit seating and church podiums.

The furniture in your house of worship isn’t limited to the sanctuary or chapel. Many other parts of the building require suitable furnishings as well. Being multifunctional is necessary for churches . You will easily be able to set up the church or church basement for a wide variety of events including bingo fundraisers, school plays, and town hall meetings. If you are looking for versatile and multifaceted pieces for your social hall or multipurpose room, we offer a great selection of banquet tables, stacking chairs, and folding tables. When these pieces are matched with the right accessories and furniture, they can transform a simple room into an grand banquet hall that is worthy of big events and special occasions.

When you are done with the social hall, you may want to move on to the library. Great library furniture will emphasize the importance and sacredness of religious literature and encourage congregants to remain well educated and informed.

Looking to furnish a preschool wing? We have absolutely everything you need to outfit your classrooms.

Attractive reception furniture will go a long way toward making members and visitors feel welcome in your house of worship. Comfortable reception seating offers a great place to relax while waiting for meetings or events. End tables and coffee tables create the ideal space for distributing informative literature such as weekly bulletins, inspirational reading, announcements and more.

Moda Seating has absolutely everything you need to furnish you house of worship in splendor and style. Our wide variety of Church Furniture can suit a congregation of any size. Whether you are looking for a few individual pieces, replacing old furniture, or furnishing a completely new building, we are happy to help you determine exactly what you need and find the pieces that fit your budget and preference. Experience the elegance of a properly-furnished house of worship.

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