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Restaurant Furniture USA

Moda Seating has become one of the premier providers of modern and contemporary commercial furniture in the United States. It has outfitted institutions all over America with top quality furniture for close to a century. Years of dealing with the US market has made us confident in suggesting only the most supreme furniture options for your restaurant, hotel, lounge, bar, nightclub, and more.

With a wide selection of high quality commercial chairs, bar stools, tables, lounge furniture and outdoor patio furniture you can get all your furnishings in one place and save lots of money in the process. Why waste time running around when you can have your institution ready with the top quality furniture in one shot. Moda Seating is a leading commercial furniture supplier capable of shipping anywhere in North America so you can get your establishment furnished in a hurry so you can open sooner.

No matter what type of business you own, be it a high scale restaurant, casual bar or lounge, school library or banquet facility Moda Seating is your source for the best in commercial furniture. Browse our fine selection of high quality, durable and comfortable chairs including chrome chairs, wood chairs, fully upholstered chairs and even bamboo chairs for a more exotic look in a tiki bar or theme lounge. In addition to terrific wood and metal chairs you can also find great deals on multi-purpose chairs such as folding chairs and stacking chairs so you can furnish a cafeteria, banquet hall or reception in a hurry and put away in storage just as fast. Many commercial restaurants and bars often rent out rooms for private parties and company gatherings and all purpose chairs are great to have on hand so you can cater to large crowds.

In addition to great commercial seating Moda Seating also has a huge selection of commercial tables, table tops and table bases to provide outstanding surface space for both indoor and outdoor dining. When you need high quality surface space to outfit restaurant dining rooms, lounges and even outdoor patio reception areas Moda Seating has the right table top to match your needs. Browse a fine selection of commercial laminate table tops, solid and veneer wood table tops, padded table tops and resin table tops to match existing decor or provide a two-tone contrast with specific seating. Moda Seating also carries a wide selection of sturdy table bases to provide solid anchors for your commercial tables. If you need great commercial furniture for your establishment in North America contact Moda Seating today.

Tri State:

We turn your dreams into reality. You might have a vision of what makes the perfect decor in your business, we create that reality for you by offering a large selection of various furniture styles. No matter where your business resides within the tri-state area, Moda Seating has everything you need from chairs to tables, and bar stools. With our vast array of available products, you can create any style you favor within your business. We offer chairs and tables constructed of wood, resin, and metal to suit any design choice, and our delivery to beat any rush.

Comfortable and fashionable seating is a major asset, regardless of what business you have. When people walking through your door are comfortable, that means good things for you as a business owner. Whether they are clients, prospective employees, or patrons, comfortable people will be happier, more at ease, and will leave with a far more positive impression of your company. Aside from comfort, the appearance of your seating is vital too. Each style of furniture says something different for your business, whether it's the modern look of a polished metal chair or the traditional richness of a solid, dark wooden chair.

One of the most important places for quality chairs and tables is at a restaurant. If you're the owner of a tri-state area restaurant, you want to be sure that your establishment stands out. Having the right restaurant furniture will set your place apart from your competitors. A big part of it is matching the style of your seating to the overall ambience of your restaurant. If you are going for a fun, tropical theme, normal wood chairs will certainly get the job done, and keep your guests comfortable. But consider the difference if you replace those chairs with lime green aluminum bamboo chairs. These will immediately compliment the design of your restaurant, plus they're lightweight and suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage.

Whether you are looking to outfit a restaurant, an office building, or anything in-between with new furniture, Moda Seating is a fantastic choice for your tri-state commercial furniture supplier. We carry a wide variety of styles of durable, beautiful looking chairs, bar stools, and tables to compliment your existing décor, or to help you design something completely new. As a business owner, it's your job to make the creative decisions to drive your business forward. As your tri-state furniture supplier, it's our job to help make your seating style decisions a reality as quickly and simply as possible to get you on to the next decision without being bogged down in details.

West Coast:

Laid back and casual the west coast is known for the easy lifestyle that has attracted many restaurateurs to set up shop along the scenic Pacific coast. From ethnic food restaurants and Spanish villa hotels to swank martini bars and chic lounges the west coast is famous for its tasteful mix of traditional and modern and if you need durable, high quality commercial furniture for your eatery or bar contact Moda Seating today.

No matter what type of place you plan to open, be it a high end restaurant or a casual café, you’ll need plenty of seating to accommodate all your guests. Moda Seating has an amazing selection of commercial chairs in terrific styles including wood chairs, metal chairs, upholstered chairs and even outdoor patio chairs. The climate out west is one of the perks and year round sunshine allows for entertaining outdoors on a patio, terrace or Tiki bar. Within our commercial seating section you’ll find great discounts on a wide variety of seating including bamboo barstools, brushed aluminum chairs, upholstered swivel bar stools and even folding and stacking chairs.

Once you’ve got your patrons seated make sure they have sufficient surface space for their meals and drinks. We offer an outstanding selection of table bases and table tops in many styles to match your specific décor. Whether you need a high quality rectangular melamine restaurant table for indoor use or a durable round aluminum table top for outdoor dining Moda Seating is your source for affordable and stylish commercial furniture that will last. We also supply a terrific selection of ultra-rugged cast iron table bases that will provide a solid foundation for any model table top.

If you are planning a restaurant, lounge or bar on the west coast make sure to take advantage of the great weather by having outdoor spaces for your guests to relax and unwind with a cocktail or light food. We have a superb selection of outdoor chairs, bar stools and tables that are made to handle light rain and wind without suffering any chips, stains or damage. From aluminum and bamboo chairs and barstools to granite table tops we have the right commercial furniture to handle all your outdoor dining needs.

East Coast:

Moda Seating offers the finest in commercial and restaurant furniture to clients up and down the east coast. If you're looking to update the style of your business or you're starting from scratch, Moda Seating has everything you need to create the perfect look. You want any person walking through the door to have the right impression. Choosing from one of our versatile furniture pieces will ensure that.

For many east coast businesses, particularly those on the water, outdoor dining is very popular. When shopping for outdoor dining furniture, you want to look for lightweight tables and chairs that, while durable and comfortable, are easy to move and store during periods of inclement weather and during the offseason. One of the best options out there is the aluminum stacking arm chair which fits in well with any style of décor while having the qualities of durability, comfort, and ease of storage in a major way. Using Moda Seating as your east coast furniture supplier will ensure that you get the best patio furniture at low cost with prompt delivery.

You will also be pleased by our large selection of bar stools. Whatever feel you're going for, there's a bar stool design to complement that style. For a darker, more nightclub atmosphere, there's dark wood bar stools with full backs and padded seats. However, our wooden bar stools are available in a full range of shades and wood finishes to suit any style bar. We even carry the classic 1950s diner style bar stool featuring stainless steel legs and a comfortable black padded seat, which is a great addition to any bar or diner.

When looking for an east coast restaurant furniture supplier, Moda Seating has everything necessary to take your restaurant to the next level of elegance and style. With our wide selection of bar stools, indoor seating, outdoor seating, and tables, you need to look no further than Moda Seating for all of your east coast restaurant furniture needs.

New York:

From Manhattan to the Adirondacks and everywhere in between we have New York covered when it comes to high quality commercial restaurant furniture. Moda Seating is a leading commercial furniture manufacturer supplier specializing in restaurant chairs, bar stools and laminate tables and table tops to outfit contemporary lounges and traditional bars. We have a great selection of high end commercial furniture for upscale restaurants and more durable metal and wood furniture for casual eateries and bars.

New York is known for its fine restaurants and bars from the Village and SoHo to the Catskill Mountains and Niagara Falls so if you’re looking to open your own commercial dining establishment or bar make sure you browse our incredible inventory of high quality commercial furniture to completely outfit your New York eatery. We specialize in the supply and distribution of excellent wood and metal commercial chairs, bar stools, tables, table tops and table bases to provide outstanding commercial furniture for restaurants, bars, nightclubs, lounges and other entertainment venues. Whether your restaurant or bar is designed for a young and hip contemporary crowd or an older, more sophisticated traditional clientele we have the right commercial furniture to make your place a welcome and relaxing space. Browse our amazing selection of commercial restaurant chairs that feature such popular models as the Kora side chair, the Hendrix side chair, fan back arm chair, Chiavari Ballroom Chair and the Belmont arm chair. Mix and match wood and metal chairs as well as upholstered seat cushions for specific dining areas, private party rooms and reception halls. We also have a complete line of folding and stacking metal chairs that are great for banquets, catered events and outdoor patio dining.

For bars, pubs and taverns, check out our incredible selection of commercial bar stools featuring ladder back, backless, swivel, upholstered and arm bar stools to outfit high end restaurant bars and more casual pub settings. We are your one-stop source for all of New York’s commercial furniture needs so shop online today and stock up on the finest restaurant chairs, bar stools and tables to make your dining or drinking area the talk of the town.

New Jersey:

Throughout New Jersey and the Tri-state area Moda Seating has the right commercial furniture to outfit any restaurant, bar or nightclub with outstanding, high quality restaurant chairs, bar stools, table tops and table bases. We specialize in the supply and distribution of choice commercial furniture for both high end and upscale restaurants and more casual bars and pubs. In our expanding online showroom you’ll find amazing deals on the best in contemporary and traditional restaurant and bar furniture to make any New Jersey dining spot the place to be. From Newark to Atlantic City we have New Jersey covered when it comes to commercial furniture supplies. In our ever expanding online showroom, you will find excellent deals on restaurant chairs, bar stools, laminate table tops, Cast Iron Table Bases and many other fine commercial furniture pieces to outfit ritzy restaurants and less formal taverns.

You will find an amazing selection of commercial bar stools in all types of styles to provide high quality commercial seating in New Jersey bars, pubs and lounges. We offer a wide selection of both wood and metal bar stools in addition to options for upholstered seating, arm rests and back rests. We carry the traditional wood upholstered vertical bar stool and the more modern open back single ring bar stool in addition to many other classic and contemporary models.

When it’s time to leave the bar and sit down for dinner or lunch you’ll have no shortage of options to choose from for outstanding commercial restaurant chairs. We carry an incredible selection of wood arm and side chairs, metal chairs, stacking and folding chairs and even the bamboo Chiavari ballroom chair. Choose from a wide selection of upholstered seating options including vinyl and suede and designer frames including ladder back, lattice back and fan back. Made from solid imported beech wood and high quality commercial metals our range of restaurant chairs is sure to contain models that suit your specific needs.


Restaurant Furniture Supplier Moda Seating is your one-stop Tri-state source for high quality commercial restaurant furniture. Serving the entire state of Connecticut, we manufacture and distribute excellent commercial furniture including restaurant chairs, bar stools and laminate tables and table tops for durable and comfortable dining furniture. Whether your restaurant, bar or lounge is on the shoreline, Hartford area or near the border of Rhode Island, Massachusetts or New York we can quickly supply your establishment with all the commercial furniture you will need to outfit your dining establishment.

We specialize in serving the Connecticut area with the finest commercial furniture you can find on the market today. From solid hard wood upholstered arm chairs and polished chrome swivel bar stools to round edge laminate table tops and cast iron metal table bases we have a huge selection of high quality commercial furniture to outfit contemporary nightclubs to traditional cafes.

No matter the cuisine you are serving or the clientele you wish to attract, we have the perfect commercial furniture to compliment any new or existing commercial space decor. Browse our incredible selection of Wood Arm Chairs and end chairs, ladder back chairs, Biedermeier side chairs, metal and upholstered dining chairs and stackable Chiavari ball room chairs to provide excellent commercial seating in restaurants, bars and lounges.

We also feature a full line of wood and metal bar stools to outfit restaurant bars, pubs and taverns with swivel, backless, upholstered and many other types of commercial bar stools. Our bar stool collection spans the spectrum of high quality commercial seating with popular models including Colonial style bar stools made of solid beech wood, window lattice back bar stools and classic 1950’s diner bar stool made of polished chrome with upholstered seats.

Connecticut restaurateurs will have no trouble picking out excellent table tops and table bases to outfit both indoor and outdoor commercial dining and drinking areas. We have a great selection of round, square and rectangle laminate wood table tops and cast iron table bases to provide sturdy dining furniture in your restaurant, bar or cafe.

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